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Vestjysk Landboforening

At Vestjysk Landboforening you get professional agricultural advice regarding cattle, plants, the environment and mink. Vestjysk Landboforening creates great value for the individual farmer, family and the farm.

Vestjysk Landboforening is a business policy association for agriculture and business with an associated consulting company.

Vestjysk Landboforening focuses on the customer in coordination and cooperation between advisory areas. This gives you the optimal advice that helps you to run and develop an efficient business in a world where agricultural products are traded globally.

This is because Vestjysk Landboforening is based on the individual farmer, his farm and family. In addition, the advisors are gathered in the house, which ensures optimal use of resources.

The advisers develop and specialize continuously within the offered advice. This therefore means that Vestjysk Landboforening can solve tasks for the farmers at any time.

Vestjysk Landboforening is also part of an interdisciplinary collaboration around SvineRådgivningen, Byggeri og Teknik I/S, 4-H and Landbrugungdom.

Vestjysk Landboforening creates the greatest possible value for you and your family through performing audit tasks and financial advice. Each time with your company's needs and challenges in focus.

Vestjysk Landboforening is the natural choice.

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