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Wadden Tide 2023

Wadden Tide is a recurring exhibition in Blåvand that activates the Wadden Sea's world heritage landscape. With Sand as a prism, Wadden Tide 2023 focuses sharply on the importance of sand for our environment, history, and future in a series of site-specific art projects by 8-10 Danish contemporary artists. The exhibition is located both in the Wadden Sea National Park and in the Unesco world heritage area, and the art projects can be found both on the beach and in the dunes.

Wadden Tide 2023 will activate the area outside the traditional bathing season and provide different perspectives on sea, beach and sand through both sensual, humorous, and critical art projects that explore and ask questions about the history, present and future of the Wadden Sea by focusing on the sand as a force of nature, material, narrative, and resource.

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