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Familie ved Vesterhavet - vinter

Winter experiences with children

Photo: Mikkel Hariba

Take the whole family to the North Sea, where you can enjoy the winter together in fantastic surroundings.

Landal - Vandland - Vandrutsjebane
Landal GreenParks

Water parks

Take the whole family for a trip to a warmer climate – a place with long slides, light-up caves and harmless waves. You can visit Landal Seawest, for example, which has a 200-metre-long water slide.

Segway - Beach Bowl
Jørn Deleuran


Discover the beach and the North Sea in a different way – on a Segway. Learning how to ride a Segway is surprisingly easy and intuitive – simply steer by leaning your body in the direction you want to go. Then you can go on a two-wheeled adventure with confidence.

Escape House History - hytten
Flying October

Escape History House

Do you like excitement? Are you good at guessing puzzles? Then a visit to the Escape History House is just for you. You can choose from a variety of exciting historical live games, where you will be locked up in a room and work together to solve tasks, puzzles and riddles to be let out again.

Junglefun Oksbøl


Challenge the whole family with a trip to Jungle Fun Indoor Climbing Park. Jungle Fun is an indoor climbing park with many different levels, so everyone can join in – big and small alike. If you're not up for climbing, you can also play mini golf at Jungle Fun.

Bork Legeland - børn
Bork Legeland

Play Centres

If your little one needs to burn a little extra energy, a trip to the Play Centre is a sure winner. There is plenty of space and an abundance of activities under one roof. At Beach Bowl, the playground is built above the cafe, allowing adults to enjoy a cup of coffee while the kids frolic.

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