Den fede dame Ringkøbing

Art in Ringkøbing

In Ringkøbing, art and culture thrive. Here, there are painters, potters, jewelers, and wood turners. Most of them open their doors to the public both to show off their work and to teach the crafts.

Art and culture thrive in Ringkøbing. In many places in the town's public space you will find famous works of art. On the harbour you can see Jens Galschiøtt's 'Survival of the Fattest', Henrik Voldmester's 'Helten', Leo Andersen's 'Atlantis', and Niels Aage Schmidt's 'Bølgen' which has been nicknamed 'the mayor's stool' because it stands outside the mayor's office. 

In the eastern roundabout on Herningvej, Henrik Have's 'Kuben' is located.

Galleries and Exhibitions

In the showrooms and galleries throughout the town there are many different exhibitions of paintings and installations. Music also thrives in Ringkøbing. Concerts are played at Torvet's platform and in the town hall, the church, the sports centre, and in Generatoren which is a new club for young people. The annual ”Rock in Ringkøbing” also attracts lots of people.