Hvide Sande South Beach

Beach for going swimming

The South Beach in Hvide Sande is a great place to go on a hot summer’s day.

Wanna go swimming? There’s a lifeguard here during summer and a wide sandy beach. 

Wanna go surfing? There are piers and waves here, that are great for surfing. 

Prefer sunbathing? There’s plenty of room here, because this beach is several kilometers long. 

In other words: the South Beach in Hvide Sande is the perfect spot for a day off in the sun, sand, and the water. 

Room for everyone

The artists’ workshop Vestled made it possible for wheelchair users and trolleys to get down to the beach. 

The south pier goes into the ocean for 700 meters, and you can fish here, enjoy the view, and become fascinated by the forces of nature. 

But you can also bring a blanket and lie down in the sand, while the kids build sand castles or fly kites. In other words: the South Beach is a world class beach.

The special atmosphere

Right behind the dunes, you’ll find the surf café, where you can rent surf gear, book courses, a enjoy a cup of coffee or an ice cream. Many people park their mobile home here and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere close to the town and the beach. 

And if you think there’s a special smell in this area? That’s just because the busy fishing harbour is right next door. Here the fishermen and the fishing industry are busy delivering, selling, and preparing fish for the whole world, side by side with tourists and seagulls.