Vedersø Klit Badehotel

The history about Hotel Vedersø Klit

Hotel Vedersø Klit has a long history worth telling. Visitors from all over Denmark and Germany travel here every summer to swim and enjoy a bit of sun bathing.

Hotel Vedersø Klit was built in 1927 by the Danish American Thorvald Nygaard. Thorvald used to live in the big city Seattle in northern USA and the hotel was therefore named Hotel Seattle. In 1934 a young carpenter and his wife bought the hotel; Elna and Christian N. Larsen ended up running the hotel for about 40 years, and they started with renaming it Hotel Vedersø klit.

A Modern Seaside Resort by the North Sea

The couple had a lot of success with making both the hotel and the surrounding area grow and blossom; especially in the summer time when there were plenty of guests, staff, and a wonderful life with lots of summer fun. In 1936 they applied for a liquor license. The local parish was for the idea but one citizen prevented the plan; the famous poet and pastor in Vedersø, Kaj Munk, was strongly against the idea. He directly asked his parishioners to vote against the liquor license and it was therefore rejected at first. 

The Hotel Guest Revolt

Not all guests accepted the alcohol prohibition at the hotel. In 1938, the powerful public official from Ringkøbing stayed at the hotel with his wife. They demanded a beer for lunch every day. ‘I don’t care – they can put a case of beer on my tab’, the official defiantly stated. And the hotel owner did just that; you don’t argue with a public official.

The Poet Pastor continued Resisting

When the hotel’s owner Christian Larsen applied for a liquor license again five years later, it was again a certain pastor who prevented the idea. With his position of power and influence in the local community Kaj Munk succeeded in preventing the hotel from getting a liquor license once again. Not until 1950 were the guests at Hotel Vedersø Klit able to enjoy a legal beer with their lunch.

A New Era

In 1973 Christian and Elna Larsen sold the hotel to their daughter and son in law and in 1977 it was time to modernise and expand the beautiful hotel on the North Sea coast. Sadly the costs grew too large and the couple ended up selling the hotel. At the end of the 1990s, the hotel got a new owner once again and it has been run by different owners ever since. In 2016 the Seaside Resort reopened.