Ringkøbing - A beautiful market town

The Old Town

Photo: hvidesande.dk

Ringkøbing, the oldest town in the area, is like a ”nice old lady” who greets her guests welcome with a big smile.

Ringkøbing is one of the best kept market towns in Denmark. In the old days, people travelled here from afar to trade livestock in the market square; today people come to experience this charming old town with stonepaved streets and beautiful houses; and, of course, to go shopping.

The Shipyard and the Windmill Industri

Ringkøbing is the oldest town in the area. In 1443 it was pronounced a market town by the king; but it was to last more than a hundred years before the town prospered due to the livestock trade and an expanding fishing industry. Ringkøbing Amt was founded in 1794 and thereby Ringkøbing became Denmark's smallest county capital. Later, the shipyard was built and also the windmill industry came to town. Today, most of those businesses are closed, and the town is working hard to keep the ones that are left and to create new businesses. 

The 'Plesner' Town

The beautiful Plesner houses are a special feature of the cosy market town of Ringkøbing.

The Town Watchmen in Ringkøbing

The town watchman had the job of maintaining order in the town at night. He was usually armed with a mace when he walked through the streets singing town watchmen songs at the stroke of every hour. Today you can still follow the town watchmen in the streets of Ringkøbing.

City Walks in Ringkøbing

Go for a walk in the historical streets of Ringkøbing. You can use this site for a route description - but you can also book city walks at Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum.