The Harbour in Ringkøbing



Ringkøbing is very charming market town that goes back to the 15th century. Often this town is called the small capital of West Jutland. Today, this old town is home to busy trade and lots of activities and events, including outdoor serving and trading on the plaza.


Vacationing by the West Coast of Denmark – in Destination Vesterhavet – first and foremost means beautiful nature close to the water. A week or two goes by quickly and that’s why it’s a good idea to think about where you want to stay, in order to get the best out of your vacation

Activities in and around Ringkøbing

There are plenty of fun activities available for visitors to Ringkøbing.

Restaurants in and around Ringkøbing

When you need to appease your hunger, there are plenty of places with delicious food in and around Ringkøbing.

Shopping in Ringkøbing

Explore the many shops in and around Ringkøbing .

Naturkraft - feel the power of nature

The 12. June, Naturkraft will open its doors to an all new and unique sensory arena, where you can feel the powers of nature.

The Old Town

Ringkøbing, the oldest town in the area, is like a ”nice old lady” who greets her guests welcome with a big smile.

Ringkøbing Museum

Ringkøbing city is an idyllic royal borough from the 14th century with charming, narrow streets, beautiful old town houses and merchant's houses that all together tell captivating stories from the past.

Churches of Ringkøbing

Check out all the churches in Ringkøbing.

Specialties and farm shops

In Destination Vesterhavet you have the opportunity to visit the many specialties and farm shops. Here you will find a wide range of specialties made from local producers.

Art & crafts

Visit the local shops and workshops.