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Ringkøbing Museum Levende Historie

Ringkøbing Museum

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Ringkøbing city is an idyllic royal borough from the 14th century with charming, narrow streets, beautiful old town houses and merchant's houses that all together tell captivating stories from the past.

At Ringkøbing Museum there are interesting exhibitions, guided tours, and the cozy museum shop.

Exhibitions about WWII 

‘Planes in the night’ is an exhibition, which will enlighten you on the history of the English bombers, the Lancasters, that flew over the Danish west coast during WWII. The centerpiece of this exhibition is 1:1 model of a Lancaster. Through sound, film, original objects, and large scale photos, this exhibition tells the story about the airplanes that crashed, their missions, and the people involved. 

At the museum you can also see the mini exhibition ‘What the bunker was hiding - a German soldier tells his story’. Most German bunkers were left behind and emptied in 1945 or shortly after, but one of them was completely covered by sand and remained untouched until, after a storm, it reappeared at Søndervig in 2008.

At this exhibition, you can enter the reconstructed bunker and watch the movie about German soldier Gerhard Saalfeld. During the war, he lived in the missing bunker and several of the objects on display belong to him.

Every tuesday and thursday in July, August, and October, there’s an introduction to the exhibitions at the museum. In German at 11.30 am and in Danish at 12.30 pm. 

Town exhibition and town walks 

They attempted a recreation of 200 years of town hall history at Ringkøbing Museum at the Judge’s Office in the exhibition ‘Town house - county house’. 

At the Judge’s Office you can also experience the old market town, portrayed in paintings from around the year 1800. The town exhibition is a fantastic start to a town walk in the streets - where many of the houses still stand. Ringkøbing Museum often arranges guided town walks in Ringkøbing. Find the dates at

Bunker tours to the Houvig Fortification north of Søndervig

Go to the fortification from WWII, see the insides of the bunkers, feel the wind, and hear the story. Ringkøbing Museum arranges guided tours to this large bunker fortification north of Søndervig all year round. Starts at: Houvig Beach parking lot. See dates and ticket prices at

Living History

Ringkøbing Museum is part of Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, where you can experience history where it took place - at 13 different locations all over the municipality. This museum consists of a series of authentic buildings, that each tell their own interesting story about the life people lived there throughout the ages and how the landscape affected that life!

At Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, history hasn’t just been placed in a glass cabinet. Here you get to experience LIVING HISTORY with all your senses - through reenactments, guided tours, and activities for kids.

With a week pass or annual pass, you get a discount by visiting more than one location. Kids and teenagers up to the age of 18 are free of charge in the company of an adult. The week pass can be purchased in the museum’s many locations, and Ringkøbing’s and Hvide Sande’s Tourist Offices.

If you would like to know more about Ringkøbing Museum, opening hours, prices, activity dates and events, please visit or follow us at Read Living History here.

Lancaster fly Ringkøbing Museum


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