Vedersøs historie

The Vedersø Klit Declaration

The houses in Vedersø are built on old rules that would ensure a uniform expression and give the area the very special expression.

Few holiday home areas are as harmonious and idyllic as Vedersø Klit; this is due to an unusually foresighted approach to tourism.
Vedersø Klit is often described as one of the most beautiful holiday destinations along the Danish west coast. That is because of a series of old construction and building regulations which state that housing plots must be of a certain size and that the houses must be built with bricks and have thatched roofs. These regulations ensure a harmonious and uniform area and that has a calming effect when you regard this area which, at the northern end, is covered in breath taking dune plantations with forests of coniferous and hardwood trees and a multitude of paths for hikers and bikers.

An Enactment from the 1930s

More precisely, it is a declaration from 1938 that ensures that houses here are built in harmony with the surrounding West Jutland nature. In this declaration, it is stated that older buildings must be preserved and that new buildings must be built in concordance with the existing building style and the surrounding landscape; in regards to proportions, materials, and colour choice. Many visitors come here to enjoy the plentiful space here, in contrast with other holiday home areas. Thus, today the local population and the visitors to this area are able to enjoy the results of the old Vedersø Klit Declaration.