Vejers Strand


Photo: Destination Vesterhavet

About once a year, the car-friendly Vejers beach is closed for military exercies when huge Hercules aircraft take off and land on the sand.

The beach is otherwise frequented by holiday-makers, who bring their cars, families, dogs and windbreaks right down to the shoreline to enjoy life on the front line. 

Local clubs organize sports competitios and beach events with music and good food. Vejers Strand is a seaside town that offers accomodation and tempting cafés and restaurants to meet every holidaymakers´ taste. 

Vejers hosts Denmark´s largest amber festival. 


Vacationing by the West Coast of Denmark – in Destination Vesterhavet – first and foremost means beautiful nature close to the water. A week or two goes by quickly and that’s why it’s a good idea to think about where you want to stay, in order to get the best out of your vacation

Shopping in Vejers Strand

Shopping in one of the coast towns – Vejers Strand.

Restaurants in and around Vejers

Get inspired and find a place to eat when you visit Vejers and the surrounding area.

Art & crafts

Visit the local shops and workshops.

Cycling Holidays

The perfect place for a bike ride.

The Dunes along the North Sea

Locals often call the dunes 'æ hawbjerge' (the sea mountains).

Red deer

Some of Denmark´s largest herds of red deer live behind the dunes between Bøsmose and Grærup.


Filsø. Previously the largest lake in Jutland, but from 1852 and onwards most of the lake was reclaimed for cultivation. The remnants of the lake have, however, always attracted large flocks of resting water birds, and now about 914 ha lake surface has been recreated. Filsø was recreated ...


Skallingen has been formed through the ocean´s depositings of sand within the last 300 - 400 years. Until the beginning of the last century Skallingen had the significance of a high sandbank. First during the last century the peninsula has in time become green. Often it has happened, that...

North Sea Nature Park

The North Sea natur park  covers a 22,500 hectare area lying like a belt alonge the coast from Blåvandshuk to Nymindegab with a width of up to nine kilometres. Useful info regarding access to the military firing and training grounds .