Vestled Sydstrand


Photo: Christina Capetillo

A work of art with a practical advantage.

This work of art was finished in 2006 by artist Marianne Hesselbjerg, architect and professor Carsten Juel-Christiansen, and landscape architect Torben Schønherr.

The frilled edges of this work, which approach the geometrics of a parable, were cast in concrete and frame an expanse made from burned red bricks. These bricks were made with a current version of the technique used for the bricks, that this area’s first houses were constructed with. The main elements of this work of art are a large brick clad expanse, which looks like a saddle on the dunes, and a 28 meters long bronze sculpture, which faces the horizon. 

Apart from being an impressive piece, it also provides easy access to the beach for trolleys, wheelchairs, and bicycles.