Kysset Skjern rundkørsel


Photo: Presse

The inventor Piet Hein lived here for a period of time and his sculptures are some of this town’s highlights. The town has a lively shopping life, the beautiful Skjern River, and on weekends people get together cheering the successful handball team Skjern Håndbold.


Vacationing by the West Coast of Denmark – in Destination Vesterhavet – first and foremost means beautiful nature close to the water. A week or two goes by quickly and that’s why it’s a good idea to think about where you want to stay, in order to get the best out of your vacation

Shopping in Skjern & Tarm

Explore the shops in Skjern & Tarm.

Restaurants in and around Skjern & Tarm

Hungry? Then the area around Skjern is perfect.

The Skjern Å Salmon

Pack your fishing gear and go to the river Skjern Å where you might catch the famous Skjern Å Salmon.

Activities by the River Skjern Å

A nature area like Skjern Enge can keep anyone who's interested in nature busy for days. This area has it all; and it is easily accessible.

Holger Danske (Holger the Dane)

Artist: Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan 1859-1939. Year of construction: 1907. Established in Skjern: 2013. Holger Danske bronze sculpture of sculptor Hans Peder Pedersen-Dan (1859 -1939).Sitting on massive granite plinth, placed on base of monck stone. Anders Jensen, Director of Hotel Marienlyst...

Activities in and around Skjern & Tarm

There are plenty of fun activities available for visitors to Skjern.

What to See in the Skjern-Tarm Area

Explore the Skjern and Tarm area and bring home some great stories.

Restoring Nature at Skjern Enge

It took almost 20 years to restore Skjern Enge (meadows) and bring the river Skjern Å back to its original to recreate the river's natural meanders; the result is amazing.

The Churches in and around Skjern

Visit the old churches in and around Skjern.

Skjern Handball

In Skjern you can experience the top of the pops in Danish men’s handball.