Genius Tarm


Photo: Presse

Tarm goes back to the 14th century, but the current town was founded around 1850. In 1875 the railroad came to town and that started a major development.Tarm has a long history in trade. This continues with the summer markets, which attract lots of shopkeepers and traders.


Vacationing by the West Coast of Denmark – in Destination Vesterhavet – first and foremost means beautiful nature close to the water. A week or two goes by quickly and that’s why it’s a good idea to think about where you want to stay, in order to get the best out of your vacation

Activities in and around Skjern & Tarm

There are plenty of fun activities available for visitors to Skjern.

Restaurants in and around Skjern & Tarm

Hungry? Then the area around Skjern is perfect.

Shopping in Skjern & Tarm

Explore the shops in Skjern & Tarm.

The Art Trail in Tarm

Go see the interesting works of art here.

What to See in the Skjern-Tarm Area

Explore the Skjern and Tarm area and bring home some great stories.