Fjordgaarden - Spa

Fjordgaarden focuses on good food, tranquility, space for contemplation, exercise, bathing and fresh air. It offers modern-style rooms, free Wi-Fi and is located right on the Vonå River and the fjord. Dive into Fjordgaarden's beautiful spa, where nature comes very close, when large panoramic windows draw in both the sky, Vonå and the fields.

In addition to the wonderful treatments, the spa department offers the opportunity to try the presence pool, where you can feel peace and presence, or go to the heated pool on roof, where you can feel the icy morning air with a view of the sunrise over the fjord and Vonå. You can also visit our indoor spa pool with ear-splitting music and soothing underwater lights. In addition, you can have the opportunity for duality and try our peace for two ("ROforTo"), our spa suite, where you get your own room and two bathtubs will be ready with different options to stimulate the senses. You can also try a milk bath or a vitamin c boost filled with relaxation.