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5 tips for put & take fishing on holiday

Photo: Tobias Park / Sarah Rønholt

There are many put & take lakes by the North Sea. Here are 5 tips on how to get the best experience and maybe even catch something!

1. Despite the weather forecast. Even if it looks threatening, because it often brings with it the most beautiful weather phenomena. In addition, the changing weather can be a great prerequisite for fishing.

2. Check the fishing lake's website for the release of fish, they often write when the last release has taken place, the best time is usually 2-3 days after a release, when the trout are typically easiest to catch.

Fisk i put and take fanget

Photo:Tobias Park / Sarah Rønholt

3. Cosy up! When you're spending a whole day outdoors, it's important that you've prepared a little from home. A thermos with tea, cocoa or coffee, a packed lunch and some snacks are the bare minimum. You can also bring a barbecue if you want to go the extra mile - the only limit is your imagination.

4. Dress well. There's nothing worse than getting your feet wet after 5 minutes. So good waterproof footwear is a must, warm thermal clothing to brave the cold and a rain jacket. Always have a spare set of clothes with you. If you're well dressed, fickle weather is one of the most beautiful things to be out in.

5. Patience is important when fishing. Often there will be quiet periods during a day of fishing. There may be long periods where the fish are simply impossible to get to bite, but then suddenly something happens, be it a slight rise in temperature, change in air pressure or light, that gets the trout in a bit of a feeding frenzy, and it's important to be ready.

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Photo: Tobias Park / Sarah Rønholt