Dunes by the North Sea

The Dunes along the North Sea

Photo: VisitVesterhavet

De lokale kalder ofte klitterne ved Vesterhavet for 'æ hawbjerge' (havbjergene).

The long row of dunes along Jutland’s west coast is unique in Europe and therefore a major attraction. The warm depressions between the dunes provide lee from the winds and are perfect for relaxation on a lukewarm day in spring. 

The dunes along the North Sea were formed by the western winds. Like soft white blankets, they are spread across the landscape, and if they were permitted to do so, with a little help from the wind, they would keep spreading a little bit further to the east every year. But in most places, lyme grass and beach grass see to it that the dunes stay in place. Therefore please take care of the dunes and use only the designated paths there. 

Perfect for sunbathing 

The warm depressions between the dunes are perfect for sunbathing and fun activities with your sweetheart or family. Here, there’s room for play and it’s not far to a refreshing swim in the North Sea or a walk along the water's edge.

We take good care of the dunes 

Storms and sea currents have taken many metres of the dunes and people have often been afraid that the sea, during ruthless storms, would break through the dunes at Holmsland Klit. That is why a lot of work is done today securing the dunes by planting, among other things, robust grasses such as lyme grass and beach grass.

Lyme grass and beach grass 

Lyme grass and beach grass are planted on almost all dunes along the North Sea. Both grasses are bluish green, robust and tough plants, which can stand the winds and the salt here. Their roots are long, underground stems and frays, which get a good grip in the sand. Go for a trip to the North Sea and experience the yellow and green hills here. 

The only venomous snake in the Nordic countries

In the heaths along the Danish west coast, you’ll find the only venomous snake in the Nordic countries - the common European adder (Hugorm in Danish). In the spring, these snakes are busy in the heather areas in the dunes. So be on the lookout - the Hugorm is a rare and exciting sight. These snakes are protected, so if you see one, you are not allowed to remove or kill it.  

Hugorm slang giftig