'Can you remember when we ...?' is often the way memories of the good experiences are brought back to life: the places we visit, the people we meet, the cities we discover and the things we haven't tried before or didn't know existed. Right here in Central and West Jutland, there is a wealth of just that: memorable experiences that go far beyond water, sand and dunes. Here, you get to know Denmark’s history, discover nature again, see it all from above and dive below the surface of the water. Right here you will have experiences that last a lifetime, that you can share again and again.

Discover the North Sea cuisine, explore the culture and go on a historical journey through time

They will include little ones, big ones, cosy ones, fine ones and the original ones – dining places. Along the west coast of Jutland and on the Fjord, there are a wealth of eateries waiting to welcome you and give you a taste of West Jutland. In addition to the culinary experiences, you can also immerse yourself in West Jutland culture, which in many ways is well-planted in West Jutland soil. You can dig and find sides of the story that you have not yet discovered.