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Kite play

Kite Play

Photo: VisitVesterhavet

The wide beaches at the North Sea makes a perfect kite-playground.

Kite building with the kids is a great activity in the holiday home, when the weather is bad. Because when the western winds get going, hurry up the dunes and fly your kite in the clouds with the angels - and all the other colourful kites. 

You’re standing on the top of a dune, the wind in your hair, and your eyes are fixed on the sky, where quirky shapes in bright colours with long tails rise and fall and twist and turn in the wind - only to nosedive into the sand. That’s when you’d wish you and your kids were in on the fun. So hurry back to your holiday home and make a kite; or buy one at the kite store here. 

It’s all about enjoying nature, the sense of freedom, letting your thoughts wander - and do something fun and challenging together. ”Fishing for Angels”, is what the Americans call this feeling. We call it ‘playing tag-you’re-it’ with the angels.

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