windsurfing tips

Surfing for kids and adults

The Hvide Sande area is a great location for water sports for all shapes and sizes, for beginners and experienced surfers. A visit to this area is a great opportunity for trying out water sports. 

Just like many families go on skiing holidays and ski school during the winter and enjoy being active in the snow, Hvide Sande is the place to go if you want to try out a surfboard, surfing school and some sun on your face. 

Here we are so lucky as to have both Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea right outside the door. Kids and other people who aren’t big fans of the waves on the seaside, can practise on the fjord, where anyone can bottom up to 800 metres from the coast, while the more experienced (and brave) can venture out into the waves. 

Exercise for body and soul 

Water sport is not just a fun and challenging activity, it’s also healthy for your body. It improves your motor skills, muscles and joints are strengthened, and you burn a lot of energy and get into shape. On the water, all your daily troubles fade away. All your concentration is directed towards how you move on your board, and the weather and wind conditions keep your senses occupied. 

Water sports for the whole family 

Water sport is a great activity for the whole family and Ringkøbing Fjord and the North Sea give you the opportunity for trying out all the different kinds of water sports in safe surroundings. Kids are the best learners and very limber, so they often find it most easy to get started. A surf course with educated trainers is a good option for the whole family to get started with water sports together.