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Politi lys i mørke

Contact the Police

Photo: Scott Rodgerson

The Danish police has two phone numbers, which are good to know. 

The Danish police has two phone numbers; one is used in case of emergencies like armed robbery, car-accidents, and fires and the other is used in situations like thefts, non-serious car accidents, break-ins and malfunctioning traffic lights.

Call 112 in case of emergency to contact the police, the hospital, or the fire department. 

Call 114 if you are NOT in need of acute help but want to talk to the police. 

– if you are calling from a foreign phone, DO NOT press +45 first.

You will now be able to talk to an emergency dispatcher at the police emergency call centre called "Vagtcentralen" in Danish. It is very important that you provide an acurate address; if you are at the beach, give the beach-number that you can find on the sign at the entrance to the beach. Of course the general regulations regarding emergencies still apply ei. try to prevent accidents, call for the nescessary help, and give first-aid treatment where needed. 

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