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Arnbjerg Pavillonen - Restaurant GRO

Restaurant GRO serves Nordic food with a twist of French cuisine in fantastic surroundings at Arnbjerg Park. At Restaurant GRO, the criteria are weighted locally, sustainably and organically, and therefore the quality is to taste, due to the fresh and good ingredients.

At Arnbjerg Pavillonen you will find restaurant GRO, which serves Nordic food with a twist of French cuisine, in completely unique surroundings.

At the restaurant, the keywords are weighted locally, sustainably and organically. This is because the restaurant strives to make everything from scratch from local ingredients. Restaurant GRO has a collaboration with Enghavegård, Varde Ådal Lam and Jordnær Økologi.

In addition, the restaurant also has local collectors who walk around in nature and find things that can be used in the kitchen. It can be anything from sea buckthorn, seaweed, rose hips and mushrooms. Thus, the restaurant ensures that the dishes are simple, but extremely tasty, of fresh and good ingredients.

The restaurant itself has a completely unique view of the historic park, which changes after all four seasons. The nature itself is a great inspiration for the Arnbjerg Pavilion, and this is reflected in the premises where the tranquility of nature, beautiful light and freshness flow through the premises.

The menu at the GRO restaurant is a combination of a la carte and complex dishes. This means that the kitchen is not afraid of innovation in gastronomy, and they take the time to try new things.