Tyskerhavnen i Hvide Sande

An authentic film environment

Photo: Flying October

Anders Rønnow Klarlund, the main author of the series, stayed in Hvide Sande on several occasions with Jacob Weinreich to get to know the town and the area really well.

The town’s inhabitants, its scenery, the North Sea, the holiday cottage areas, fishing industry – and everything that makes Hvide Sande special.

"We were looking for Hvide Sande’s soul and unique tone. The plot and characters grew from getting to know the town, so you could almost say that the town created the series. The ambition of White Sands is to create a romantic, exciting, warm and humorous TV series that does the town full justice", say Anders Rønnow Klarlund and Jacob Weinreich with great enthusiasm.

Drone billede af Hvide Sande Havn

Photo:Hvide Sande Havn

Hvide Sande TV Serien - Slusen

Photo:Astrid Dalum