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Bager Møller in Skjern

Bager Møller is not just a bakery; it's part of the soul of the city. With a large and varied selection of breads, speciality breads, sandwiches and cakes, they create an oasis of flavours that reflect the local desire for authentic craftsmanship and genuine taste.

Bager Møller started in the summer of 2022 with a budding vision of making quality bread and cakes from scratch with the best products and ingredients. And of course with a high butter and milk content. All our French bread and rolls contain sourdough and we have a wide selection of gluten-free products. In our store, we have a cosy cafe where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and cake or a delicious sandwich made with fresh ingredients. In addition, we are characterised by always having plenty of tastings on the counter.

Behind every crumb is a deep commitment to the local community. The bakery is proud to be part of Skjern's history and identity. They use local ingredients, support local producers and are a regular supporter of local events and happenings.

So when you step into Bager Møller in Skjern, you're not just stepping into a bakery shop; you're stepping into the heart of the local community. A place where traditions are upheld, where the community grows stronger with every bite of delicious baked goods, and where skilled employees are ready to guide you on the contents of both bread and cakes.