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Bork Vikingehavn

When you step through the gate to Bork Viking Harbour, you step 1000 years back in time. You can walk around the reconstructed long-houses and see how the Vikings lived and worked different kinds of craftsmanship.

Travel back in time to the Vikings and meet the Vikings as they go about their daily chores. They are happy to talk about what it was like to be a Viking in West Jutland and maybe they need a helping hand?

Explore the Viking houses built from archaeological finds in West Jutland and see the many fine details. Make an offering to the gods or light a candle in the church. Board the Viking ship and take on the Viking playground like a true Viking.

Visit the Viking Hall

Step into the Viking Hall! It oozes the atmosphere of 1000 years ago. The table is laid out for a feast. You can sit down and enjoy the food from the café at the long tables or play a board game from the Viking Age - and who will sit in the great man's chair?

Go on a riddle hunt

Explore with one of Bork Vikingehavn's two riddle hunts in hand. Families with younger children must see if they can catch and chain the ferocious Fenris Wolf. While adults and families with older children will see if they can crack the riddles of the gods.

Changing activities in the high seasons

During the high seasons, the activities at Bork Vikingehavn are extra busy. The activities vary from season to season. Find the always updated programme at www.borkvikingehavn.dk.

Inspiring Viking shop

Visit the Viking shop and find delicious delicacies, jewellery, books, toys and other Viking-inspired goods. Admission to the shop is free.

Children and young people under the age of 18 are admitted free of charge when accompanied by an adult and dogs on a leash are welcome.

Part of Ringkøbing Fjord Museums

Bork Vikingehavn is part of the Ringkøbing Fjord Museums, which bring history to life at 10 museums and attractions around Ringkøbing Fjord. Read more at www.ringkobingfjordmuseer.dk/en.