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CampWest SportResort

CampWest SportResort has been completely renovated for the past 5 years and today appears as a modern with new service building, cabins, playground, mini zoo, fishing lake, GPS treasure hunt, water balls and free access to 3,500 m2 large water park in Oksbøl.

From slightly different initiatives, you have the opportunity to take your horse to the campsite. It's about. 42 km of riding trails in the dune plantation, which is next to CampWest, and it is allowed to ride on the beach around the clock.

Other exciting news include WellCamp, which is camping with health and well-being in focus. Here you get i.a. with a nature guide out into the woods to gather herbs and plants that are used for campfire food. There is also a dietician attached, who helps with the cooking and gives good ideas for eg packed lunches, snacks, etc.

There is wireless Internet throughout the square - access is purchased at the kiosk.

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