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Dit Museum Ølgod

Your Museum Ølgod tells the story of Danish agriculture. Here you can experience the development from poor moorland farmer to democratic farmer. It is also possible to experience the streets, people and shops of the station town.

A completely different world - only 150 years away. Back then, children walked the moors herding sheep or got up early to milk in the dark stables. Jute pots were burned under the heather, and then the black pots were used to boil plenty of porridge for the day's meals. Then the children were sent to school and the young farmers to folk high school, and the idea of sharing was born: unity is strength. Modern agriculture was born. The story of the development from poor moorland farmer to democratic farmer is told at Ølgod Museum. You can also see the streets, shops and people of the station town. Ølgod Museum is located in the Culture Centre in Ølgod. The culture centre is often the setting for changing art exhibitions.

Admission is free of charge. At the entrance to the museum you will find a sign with a telephone number. Call the number and get a code to get in. Calls are charged at normal telephone rates.

NOTE: The exhibition is currently packed due to renovation.