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Ellemose Put & Take

Ellemose Put & Take is situated in undulating terrain, 7 km from Hygumbakker, northwest of Lemvig. There you can catch rainbow trout, brook trout and golden trout.

At Ellemose Put & Take, there are two lakes full of fish: a large family lake of 6500 m2, and a special lake for children. At Ellemose Put & Take, there is no catch limit.

Wind shelters and outdoor cleaning facilities have been installed around the lake. It is possible to grill, make a fire and just have a lovely day – with lots of fish on the hook. Ellemose Put & Take is open all year round from sunrise to sunset.

There is also a log cabin by the lake where you can buy fishing gear, sweets and soft drinks. There is a wheelchair-accessible restroom next to the cabin.

And if you need a set place to spend the night, Ellemose Put & Take also offers accommodation in a large apartment, or in their cosy Bed & Breakfast.