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Fishing licence

In West Denmark, there are great possibilities of catching a fish in the ocean, fiord, rivers and lakes and angling is a lovely vacation activity. If you wish to angle, you need to purchase fishing license.

A license is required for fishing in the Danish ocean, fjords and rivers for all persons between the ages of 18 and 65. You can buy a license valid for a year, a week or a day. The income from the sale of fishing licenses benefits all anglers as the money is spent on maintaining the fish populations. Some places are subject to private fishing rights. This means that you perhaps also need a local license before you're allowed to cast your line. Staff at the tourist offices will assist you in working out which licenses you'll need to fish in the various areas. You can also buy your license(s) at some of these offices. If you want to fish in Skjern Å, you'll need a particular fishing license and a separate salmon license. At Put & Take lakes you only pay the owner.