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Green Experience
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In West Jutland, nature, the sea, the westerly wind and the wide expanses are the main reason to go. But maybe West Jutland can also pull you indoors for a few hours?

Hotel Fjordgaarden is located in the middle of West Jutland's nature and forms the perfect setting for a relaxed stay in West Jutland.

At Fjordgaarden, they at least make a nice attempt when they welcome you to their brand new spa, where you do not have to do anything except of enjoying the peace and presence that awaits you.

Fjordgaarden is a classic 4-star hotel with a new spa and wellness area, located a few minutes from Ringkøbing Fjord and a short drive from the North Sea. 5 minutes walk from the hotel, welcomes one of Denmark's oldest and nicest market town towns, namely Ringkøbing. Thus, there are plenty of leisure activities and nature experiences on your doorstep.

You can windsurf on the fjord and kayak along the river all the way into the hotel's backyard, and the cycle path goes straight from the hotel along the fjord to one of West Jutland's best beaches at Søndervig. Also visit the area's many living museums and the large bunkers from World War II in the dunes by the coast.

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