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Galleri Skippergården

Experience the Danish West coast nature through works of art. Galleri Skippergården between Hvide Sande and Nymindegab exhibits art works of beaches, harbours, dunes and other beautiful, nature surroundings.

On the sea side of the main road between Hvide Sande and Nymindegab sits Galleri Skippergården, in a thatched farmhouse from 1877. It is a relic from the nineteenth-century Nymindegabmalerne artist colony, but is connected to the rest of the world by fibre cable, and filled with picturesque watercolours and prints of beaches and dunes, harbours, natural beauty and beach life by the couple Astrid Hygom and Leif H. Jacobsen. In addition, Verner Nielsen's woodturning is on display.

Opening hours: from 2 July to 3 September, daily from 14:00–18:00. Closed Saturdays.

Otherwise, opening may be arranged by calling +45 2464 9422. For the rest of the year, see

Since 1987, Astrid Hygom has had separate exhibitions in public institutions and companies. Special exhibitions include:
South West Jutland Art Exhibition, 1989; Juried Exhibition in Lemvig, 1991; Vejen Kunstmuseum, 1996; Tistrup Kunstforening, 1997; Warrington, England, 1997; Kunst i Slusen, Hvide Sande, 2015; Houston, Texas, 2016, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 2017.
Leif H. Jacobsen graduated from the Royal Danish Academy - Architecture in Copenhagen and exhibits watercolours of the local area and Nymindegab as well as croquis.

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