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Gl. Sogn Church

Gl. Sogn church is from 1175 and is situated close to Ringkøbing Fjord. Untill 1847 tower and stepple were about 12 metres higher. They served as navigation marks for the fishermen on the fjord and on the sea. In the church are frescos from the early years of the church, and you will notice the beautiful chanel arch with its outstandig tall and slender shaping.

Gammel Sogn Church has been completed since 1170 with choir and nave, and is therefore a splendid example of a coherent building construction from Romanesque times.

The church therefore has a fantastic history, which is especially seen in the church.

This includes the baptismal font and the altar table, which is from the church's first time, and the altarpiece itself is from the late Renaissance. The paintings in the church are from the 18th century, and the main field's painting is from 1885. The candlesticks on the altar are from 1916, and the pulpit in the church is from the year 1600 which is made by 2 carpenters for 25 days.

On the entrance panel of the pulpit, the original paintings are preserved, depicting evangelists. Two of the pulpit fields are also original, depicting the birth of Jesus and the baptism of Jesus.

In addition to this, the church's frescoes are also completely unique. This is because the frescoes on the north wall to the west are from around 1170, where the fresco on the triumphal wall is from around 1200. The frescoes themselves consist of 3 picture scenes. The last and third fresco is from 1275, and is described as: "artistically and conservatively one of the finest of its kind in Northern Europe".

The church tower is completely unique to the church. It is a medieval extension, and formerly served as a beacon. Originally, the tower and spire were 20 alen (approx. 12 m.) Taller, and in 1847 was repaired and given its present shape.

In 2006, Gammel Sogn Church was last renovated, and got its current colors, stone floor and wooden floor under the rows of benches.


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