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Hangaards Have

At Hangaards Have you will find a 24,000 m2 garden that you can only look forward to. In the garden there are colorful flower areas divided into color fields, water areas, green oases, rose gazebo and everywhere paths to cozy nooks, where you can undisturbed relax with brought lunch or coffee. In addition, Hangaards Have also offers a sensory garden, which is a unique experience.

In 1986, Hangaards Have was laid out by garden designer Anna Hangaard, who has been responsible for the overall planning.

In the garden, the color combinations are harmonious, and the choice of plants is completely unique to the West Jutland area. In addition, it also accommodates wonderful moments in the garden, where, for example, in the spring there are 40-50,000 bulbous plants that adorn the garden

In addition, you will also find in the garden more than 100 different clematis varieties, which wind up in the evergreen trees and bushes. This gives a nice after-flowering in the rhododendron beds around the garden, or be used for ground cover plants, where they hook into plants nearby.

In the garden you will also find rare trees and shrubs, which bloom during the summer, roses in the hundreds, many of them historic and English. https://hangaards-have.dk/

Hangaards Have also has a sensory garden, which is a unique experience if you are visually impaired, blind, deaf or whatever it may be. In the sensory garden you can hear the sound of water or the leaves rustling in the wind.

Find more information about the garden and opening hours on Hangaards Have's website.