Ho fishing lake and minigolf

Ho Fiskesø and Minigolf is a fun and cozy activity area for the entire family. Cast your fly and catch a large fish in the Put & Take lake or play a game of minigolf with your children.

Ho Fiskesø and Minigolf

Ho Fiskesø and Minigolf is situated in a very scenic area between the holiday houses in Ho. A restroom is placed next to the Put & Take lake, where you’ll also find a washing place for fish, sitting arrangements and a playground. The depth of the lake is from ½ - 3 mtr. Fishing with meal worm and maggots is not allowed. Rental and purchase of fishing equipment is possible. The place also offers an adventure minigolf course with 18 holes. The price is 60 DKK for adults and 40 DKK for children.