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Hvide Sande Masterclass

Hvide Sande Masterclass, an annual music festival in September that celebrates classical music with open masterclass lessons and 10 concerts.

The week attracts both young musical talents and experienced professors who share their passion and knowledge. Hvide Sande Masterclass creates concerts around the fjord and brings live music to new audiences. Particularly noteworthy are the two Cocktails & Classical concerts at Ruth & co. where the musicians let loose and play many different genres in a relaxed atmosphere.

Hvide Sande Masterclass is more than an event; it is a musical celebration that inspires and enriches both artists and audiences. Hvide Sande Masterclass continues to mould the musical stars of the future and celebrate the magic of music.

Welcome to Hvide Sande Masterclass 2024. 15-21 September.