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Join the beachwarden on a rescue exercise at Abelines Gaard

At Abeline’s Gaard, the whole family can step back in time and gear way down. There is time to explore, to investigate the many strange rooms and alcoves, to take part in a rescue exercise every Wednesday, and to relax in the old living rooms and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Rescue exercises for the whole family every Wednesday

The sailors who sailed along the coast of West Jutland called the place the Iron Coast. They knew that the soft waves could become powerful giants in an instant, with the sole wish of pulling entire ships and their crews into the deep. It wasn't just the sailors who watched out, the locals at Holmsland Klit had seen this happen. This is why rescue guilds were set up and why rescue drills have always been held at the Danish rescue stations.

Every Wednesday, the whole family can experience how a rescue exercise was carried out in the old days, on their own body. When a rescue drill is held at Abelines Gaard, we help each other to set up the ropes so that together we can rescue large and small land sailors ashore.

Practical information

Hours of operation

Sunday to Friday from 11:00 – 17:00.
Admission: 70 DKK.
Children and young people under 18 years of age: free admission.

Rescue exercise

Every Wednesday at 13:00, through October 26th.
Location: At the rescue station opposite Abelines Gaard.
Price: Included in the admission.

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