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Landal Seawest

If a holiday with both relaxation and speed across the field is desired, Landal Seawest may be your next destination. In and around Landal's parks, there is plenty to experience. Enjoy the beautiful nature, unfold yourself creatively, be active or make use of some of the cultural offerings. The possibilities are many at Landal Seawest.

In the middle of the beautiful nature of West Jutland between Nr. Nebel and Nymindegab - not far from the North Sea, is Landal Seawest located, a unique resort town built in 2006.

Landal Seawest offers a large water park in a subtropical atmosphere. Regardless of the weather outside, there will always be a tropical climate in the water park. and an eldorado for water-loving people. Here is Denmark's longest water slide with light and sound effect, waterfall, baby pool, sauna, and spa.

You can also visit the indoor mini golf facility, the bowling alley, or the large playground. Dayz SeaWest Nymindegab also has a large selection of eateries ranging from American diners to pizzerias and family restaurants with children's favorites.

Landal Seawest is for everyone - both residents and day visitors.