Lønborg Hede

In the Western part of Denmark, you will find this beautiful heath. Lønborg Hede is preserved because of its wild and untouched nature. A great place for a day trip.

Close to Vostrup is the large, preserved Lønborg Heath – only a few kilometres from the vacation areas of Ringkøbing Fjord. At Lønborg Heath, you will find outstanding nature experiences. The heath can be seen from the dunes at the parking lot at the end of Fjerbækvej, or you can take a walk and enjoy the silence and the birds singing. The blooming of flowers is also a beautiful sight; especially the rare bell heather is widely represented here. At many places on the heath, you can see old tracks from the times when people collected moor peat on the heath. Furthermore, Lønborg Heath is extraordinary because it has never been cultivated. Actually, the landscape has not been changed for 70,000 years, since the last ice age ended.