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Lowlands Denmark

At Lowlands in Stauning we distil quality spirits with an experimental approach to great taste – handmade spirits with attention to details.

At Stauning, where the river meets the fjord, you'll find Lowlands. Here, high-quality spirits are distilled with an experimental approach to refined flavours - handcrafted spirits with great attention to detail.
Lowlands was founded by juhl & agger in 2018. Today, the distillery is solely owned by Anders Juhl Hansen, but Henrik Agger is still active in the development of flavours, playfulness and other tasks that may arise

On the shelves at Lowlands you will find gin, schnapps, liqueurs and our very own spirit category "Solitary Spirit".
Solitary Spirit cannot be categorised by traditional standards and this gives them complete freedom to experiment and create. Each version is unique and only produced in this one edition.

Currently, Lowlands uses neutral organic wheat distillate as the base for our products. In the longer term, they aim to ferment their own base alcohol.

Come and visit the distillery shop for a tasting and hear about their impressive history, it is also possible to drop by for a guided tour