Lyngvig Havn

Lyngvig Harbour

Photo: Presse

Lyngvig Harbour is a small cozy harbour with shelters and room for enjoying your packed lunch.

In 1904, Lyngvig Harbour was established in connection with building Lyngvig Lighthouse, which was to guide fishermen safely to shore, when darkness fell and they had to find their way back home. 

Even today, Lyngvig Harbour is a unique place. This harbour oozes peace and quiet and the place seems unspoiled and authentic, perhaps because of the old local fishermen, who are in authority here and keep an eye on things in the harbour.

Here you’ll find a mixture of fishing and sailing, which will hopefully remain, so that fishing here is kept alive. Fishing is done from barges  and small fishing boats here. The drying station with poles for drying yarns is still here, but the old tar facility, where fishermen tarred their yarns, is gone. 


Today they made room for people to enjoy their packed lunch and spend the night in one of the three shelters located on the grass next to the harbour. From here you can enjoy the view and sleep in peace and quiet in nature.

(Surfing at this harbour is not permitted.)