Rotwild an der Nordseeküste

Mammals in Western Jutland

Photo: Fotograf Mikkel Jezequel

You have a good chance of spotting a red deer or a seal in this area; otters and pond bats, on the other hand are harder to find. The otter is very shy and the best time to see the pond bat is when they are in winter hibernation in old calcite mines.

Sæler ud på tur Jyllandsakvariet


A herd of red deer or roe deer grazing in the pasture right next to the woods is a breathtaking sight, which you can find in the Ringkøbing Fjord area. Conditions for deer are excellent in the large forests and plantations in Klosterheden and at Dejbjerg, where there are also beautiful paths which can are perfect whether you are on foot or bicycle.

The otter used to be nearly extinct in Denmark but now the population is growing and you can find them in most of the Skjern Å river system. The otter is very shy and you have to be lucky and careful, if you want to see it. Seals are returning to this area in great numbers; not least to the water locks in Hvide Sande where you can see them sunbathing. 

Pond bats are also mammals and they have been observed at Ringkøbing Fjord, even though they primarily live in the middle of Jutland. The pond bat is rare all across Western Europe and therefore it is on the list of endangered species in Denmark. The best time to see the pond bat is when they are in winter hibernation in old limestone mines.