It is often a problem to be disabled elder aswell as youngsters to get around in the nature. Thats why you can rent specially made electical wheelchairs at Natur-Tandhjulet.

All - who have difficulty moving outdoors under difficult conditions. The wheelchairs can be used in all places where walking traffic is allowed. There is no requirement that it must be disabled who uses the wheelchair.

The all-terrain wheelchair is mounted in a 750 kg closed trailer with brakes. It's a trailer that almost all cars must run with. The wheelchair is automatically locked into its cradle while driving.

Natur-Tandhjulet is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Klaus Boe Pedersen, with location in Sejstrup near Bramming. Klaus' background is 20 years as a scout leader and an active commitment to local associations. His professional skills are an education as agricultural machinery mechanic.