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Nørre Omme Church

This is a typical medieval church from 1150; it is made of granite squares and thatched with lead. In the Late Middle Ages, a lead thatched tower was added to the church.At the north entrance of the church, the porch was wasdded;the walls were made of both ashlar and burned bricks and the porch had a tiled roof.Since 1622, the ancient stone altar has been covered with a wainscot.Four coats of arms have been placed on the base of the altar ;from the left: the coat of arms of the family of Skram, the one of the family of Lange, the one of the family of Krabbe and finally the one of the family of Ulftand.The previous owner of "Brejninggaard", Gunde Lnage and his wifw anna Krabbe, descend from these four noble families.The altar piece representing the Ascension of Christ.The pulpit and the sounding board are dated back to 1622.The baptsimal font is as old as the church itself, the font is made of granite and it is in Romanesque design.One of the original windows of the choir has been equipped with a beautiful glass painting just as the west window of the tower.