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Restaurant GRO - Arnbjerg Pavillonen

Restaurant GRO serves Nordic food with a twist of French cuisine in fantastic surroundings at Arnbjerg Park. At Restaurant GRO, the criteria are weighted locally, sustainably and organically, and therefore the quality is to taste, due to the fresh and good ingredients.

Restaurant GRO, located in the heart of Arnbjerg Pavillonen, offers a fusion of the purity of Nordic cuisine and the sophistication of French cuisine, all served in the breathtaking surroundings of Arnbjerg Park. With an uncompromising commitment to local, sustainable and/or organic principles, GRO offers a culinary journey where quality is not only tasted - it is experienced.

As the seasons change, GRO's menu evolves, with each dish paying homage to the region's larder. In close collaboration with Enghavegård, Varde Ådal Lam and Kathrinelund Gårdbutik, and thanks to dedicated local collectors, GRO manages to bring the richness of nature directly to your plate - from juicy sea buckthorn and aromatic mushrooms to fresh seaweed and rosehips.

The restaurant itself is an oasis of calm, with every window offering a picturesque view of the historic park, a vibrant backdrop that changes with the seasons. The surrounding nature not only inspires our dishes but also envelops guests in an atmosphere of tranquillity and natural beauty, enhanced by the beautiful light and freshness that characterises our space.

At GRO, the menu is a canvas for innovation, where classics are served alongside new, innovative dishes. With both a la carte options and carefully crafted menus.

We look forward to welcoming you to Restaurant GRO, where every bite is a story and every meal is an experience in itself.