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Ringkøbing Bolcher in Hvide Sande

Ringkøbing Bolcher in Hvide Sande was founded and is owned by sisters Stefanie and Julie. Together they dreamed of their own business, and the idea of a candy parlour was born.

Ringkøbing Bolcher in Hvide Sande, Ringkøbing or Søndervig makes the sweets the old-fashioned way - by hand. All sweets are chopped on an old-fashioned bread machine or cut by hand. This means that no two are ever the same.

The sweets themselves are also made in front of guests, which means you and your family are involved in quality testing the sweets before they hit the store shelves.

The ingredients themselves are natural, and only natural flavours and colours are used. This means that no preservatives are used, which means the sweets have the right colour and taste.

In the store in Ringkøbing,Hvide Sande or Søndervig you'll find sweets in all sorts of colours, as well as chocolate and cream puffs from their own production. So you'll find something for both young and old with a taste for good ingredients.

Furthermore, the candy factory also offers chocolate workshops for discerning chocolate lovers. The chocolate is made from chocolate from Callebaut in Switzerland, where both the quality and flavour are top notch. This means you can decide how you want them to look.

Find the current opening hours on Ringkøbing Bolcher's website.