Ringkøbing Swimming Pool

Photo: Destination Ringkøbing Fjord
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Kongevejen 52

6950 Ringkøbing


Phone:+45 9732 2676

At Ringkøbing Swimming Pool there is always 28 degrees above the water and 27 degrees in the two large pools and 34 degrees hot, in the warm basin with jacuzzi. There is a guarantee of good weather and nice bathing water. The swimming pool is right next to Ringkøbing Fjord, which means that there is a unique view. Enjoy the view with a relaxing moment in the hot water pool, or in the sauna. There is also a possibility to be active and swim in the 25 meters pool or climb on the climbing wall and take the wild jump from 4 meter in the diving pool.


Kongevejen 52

6950 Ringkøbing


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