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Sahl Bicycles and Toys

At Sahl Cykler we have lots of racing bikes and mountain bikes, a wide selection of bikes for children, and we also have a very large selection of electric bikes in many models. We are very selective in the brands we carry. This is your guarantee that our bikes are always of the highest quality.

Bicycle Repair
We have everything your heart desires for your bike ride. We can repair bikes, electric scooters and much more. Our workshop is staffed exclusively by skilled mechanics who know their stuff.

Since 1958, Sahl Bikes & Toys has been selling toys. Sahl Bicycles and Toys is characterised by a high-quality range of toys. We have well-known brands such as LEGO, and you can also find specially selected toys that are not on the shelves of the big toy chains, such as old-fashioned wooden toys.