The small holiday home areas

It’s not just larger towns that offer some great experiences. Many holiday homes are situated in small, cozy holiday home areas, where nature is the focus and where there’s room for relaxation and spending time with your loved ones. 

Houvig - close to bunkers and the beach

Houvig is located in the West Jutland dune landscape five km north of the seaside resort Søndervig. This is a quiet nature area with a great beach, an organic farm shop, and a large bunker installation from WWII. 

It’s almost like time stood still in Houvig. Here West Jutland virtues are alive and well and history is ever present. The bunkers from WWII still lie on the beach, the area’s small houses are located at a distance from each other, and in a desolate area, a couple living on the family farm sells coffees, sausages, cheeses, and other delicacies, that were made with zero industrial preservatives. Towards the west you’ll find the beach and the dunes and towards the east, migrating birds fly above Stadil Fjord. There’s peace and quiet here and it's still just a few minutes from the seaside resort Søndervig and its shops. 

Houvig is famous for its bunker installations from WWII, consisting of over 50 bunkers. These were an important part of the Nazi’s European coastal defence and the place hides some gruesome stories. You can enter a few of these war remnants to experience a bit of their dark past on your own body. 

Klegod - close to the coastal towns and a bike ride in the dunes 

Relax on the nice beach or go on an outing to close by coastal towns Søndervig, Hvide Sande, and Ringkøbing.

Klegod is located in the West Jutland dune landscape two km south of the seaside resort Søndervig. Here you get unspoiled nature right outside the windows of your holiday home and, at the same time, you’re close to Søndervig’s restaurants, shops, and activities. Visit the annual sand sculpture festival, catch trout in Klegod’s fishing lake, swing your irons on a 27-hole golf course, or have fun in the indoor water park. 

A vacation in Klegod means long days on the wide, sandy beach and relaxation in the tranquil holiday home area. The vacation by the beach can be combined with i bike ride to one of this area’s towns. Either drive south on the paths towards Hvide Sande, go up the coast to the Houvig bunkers, or make a turn around the fjord towards Ringkøbing. In this old market town, a city walk in the narrow cobblestone streets is a must. 

Bjerregård - tæt på seværdigheder og vandsport

Når du kommer kørende fra syd er Bjerregård det første område, du rammer på Holmlands Klit. Her er de store naturoplevelser og den gode strand lige uden for sommerhusdøren.
Bjerregård ligger i den sydligste del af den smalle landtange imellem Vesterhavet og Ringkøbing Fjord. Stranden er en af de bedste i området. Oplagt til badning, til at slikke sol og til at slentre langs vandkanten.

De gode surfspots ligger tæt rundt om fjorden og ud mod Vesterhavet. Kør enten til Hvide Sande i nord eller mod Bork i den sydlige del af fjorden, hvor der er surfbutik og surfskole. De to byer har også udflugtsmål på landjorden for hele familien. Besøg for eksempel Bork Vikingehavn

Årgab - close to Hvide Sande and fishing

Årgab is a stone’s throw away from Hvide Sande and there are plenty of activities for anglers, surfers, and those fond of water. 

A walk through the dunes to the North Sea’s wide, sandy beaches, or to the tranquil waters of Ringkøbing Fjord is done quickly, when you stay in Årgab. This small but popular area, a few hundred meters south of Hvide Sande, is the narrowest spot in Holmlands Klit. That is why it isn’t far to the surf shop West Wind South, which faces Ringkøbing Fjord. Here you can buy and rent gear and take lessons in kitesurfing, windsurfing, or Stand Up Paddling.  

If the weather doesn’t permit surfing, swimming, or sunbathing by the beach, Nordsø Camping offers a kid friendly alternative: a large exotic water park and an outdoor water park. Other than that, you’ll find one of Denmark’s only salt water Put & Take lakes here; a great alternative to fishing in the sea or the fjord. If you don’t catch anything, the fishmongers and restaurants in Hvide Sande are just a short walk away.

Haurvig - close to history and the dunes 

The unspoiled heath and dune landscape in Haurvig, 10 km south of Hvide Sande, hides several sights that will enlighten you on West Jutland culture. 

Haurvig is located in the south part of Holmlands Klit between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. There’s time for a look into living conditions on the Danish west coast and for exploring nature here. The wide sandy beach and the hilly terrain invite play, long bike rides, and horseback riding. For example, follow the nature trail to Hvide Sande or Søndervig, where you can fill your hungry tummies, rest your sore thighs, and wet your dry mouths. 

Haurvig’s old wreck master’s farm, Abelines Gård, is worth the visit for guests of all ages. Breathe in the west coast history in the farm’s well kept rooms and end the visit with a cup of coffee in the fancy coffee room. The dune farm from the 1850s is part of Ringkøbing Skjern-Museum and, during the summer season, this farm comes alive with activities like folk dancing and amber cutting.  

On the other side of Klitvejen you’ll find the Haurvig Search and Rescue, which was shut down in 1953 and facing Ringkøbing Fjord, there’s a white chalked church called Haurvig Kirke. At the cemetery, you can look for the graves of fallen pilots from WWII.

Nørre Lyngvig - close to the lighthouse with 228 steps 

When you see a white chalked lighthouse towering the horizon behind the dunes, you’re close to Nørre Lyngvig. Climb the 228 steps to the top and be rewarded with the most impressive panoramic view on the Danish west coast. 

Nørre Lyngvig is located in the hilly terrain between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. This area is famous for Lyngvig Lighthouse, which offers a great view of the sea, the fjord, and the dunes, which will give you goosebumps. Walking back down the 228 steps will bring you to a café, a museum about seaside tourism on the Danish west coast, and a nature playground nearby. 

Another attraction in Nørre Lyngvig is the quiet fjord harbour. Here anglers catch fresh shrimp, perchs, and pikes from small chugging boats. Full time fishing is in the past for this small harbour, but it is still very authentic. The three shelters at this harbour give you the chance for a night in the outdoors. 

Skodbjerge - close to magnificent nature 

At Skodbjerge there are blooming heaths, hilly dunes, and the sea and the fjord as long as the eye can see. Here your family can enjoy a quiet and relaxing vacation. 

Skodbjerge is idyllically situated in the dunes and the heath on the narrow strip of land between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. This area is perfect for guests who are comfortable with lots of space. There’s peace and quiet here - accompanied by the western winds that woosh over the dunes. The holiday homes here are just a few minutes’ walk from the wide sandy beach. 

A vacation in Skodbjerge is great for quiet contemplation in nature; on bicycle or on foot. The walk and bike path Vestkyststien winds its way through Skodbjerge’s protected heath and dune landscape. From the top of the dunes, there’s a view of the sea, the fjord, and the bird habitat Tipperne to the south. Skodbjerge is located between Bjerregaard and Haurvig - just 10 km from Hvide Sande.