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Spøttrup Borgmuseum

Take an exciting look into the Middle Ages, Denmark's best-preserved medieval castle. Here you have the opportunity to explore the old corridors, take a stroll past the Knights' Hall, or enjoy the nature around the castle. From time to time, there will also be events that underpin the experience of the ancient Middle Ages.

In Salling by the Limfjord is Denmark's best-preserved medieval castle. The castle was built in the early 16th century and is an excellent example of how mansions were decorated for defense in the late Middle Ages. The castle stands with moats, castle towers, knights' hall, church rooms and everything else that would belong to a medieval castle.

The castle also has a large beautiful park. In the park you will find an exciting and cozy herb garden, as well as a small play area with a campfire hut. Near the castle you will also find Spøttrup Lake, which has a rich and varied bird life.

The museum has numerous activities such as revivals, exhibitions and markets. The many activities contribute to making Spøttrup Borg an exciting place to visit. Welcome to the Middle Ages.

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