Stadil Church

Romanesque chanel and nave (granite ashlar) with late gothic extensions; porch toward north and tower towards west with attached staircase tower.

The south end of the nave has a picture and a square with an inscription. In the north side of the chanel has an unclear engraving - a bird or an animal. The church is rich in furnishing: The romanesque altarpiece is covered with a lavish carved panel in late Renaissance from 1625. An altarpiece with wide centre - one of the famous "golden altars" from around 1200.

Small late gothic mass bell situated in one of the rafter by the chanel. In the chanel is a late gothic parish clerk and priester chair - perhaps the originally confessional and a wooden font in late Renaissance (is not being used). Between nave and porch is an interesting late romanesque door.

A monument on the sqaure in front of the church for the deputies of the assembly of the States General - Ole Kirk (1788-1876) and the politician J.C. Christensen (1856-1930) who was a teache and parish clerk in Stadil from 1886-1901.